The diligent board members of Lift Up Mankind come from diverse backgrounds, yet all share the same passion: to help those in need. With this unifying goal, we aspire to fulfill our organization’s mission to restore water, revitalize crops, and repair lives, with the help of our grassroots supporters and dedicated volunteers.

We believe in a long-lasting, positive change for people must come from within. We also believe in allowing the youth to become more involved in the development and rebuilding process, and so, we help organize the foundation of sister chapters in the countries we are involved in to help empower them to create a self-sustaining society. Our approach to revitalizing communities is to empower individuals and give them the means to provide for themselves.

We, the board of directors and volunteers of Lift Up Mankind, strive to give selflessly to mankind, regardless of their nationality, race, faith, sex, or socioeconomic status. Together, we can Lift Up Mankind.